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Adults Hacking Club

Following on from the success of our Wellies and Wellbeing Sessions last year and the massive benefit we saw that those sessions provided our children, we have decided to undertake EQUINE THERAPEUTIC SESSIONS. We will be running sessions suitable for children of 16 years and under as well as sessions suitable for adults 16 years and over. (Please do not confuse this with EQUINE THERAPY which is a therapy helping children and adults through severe trauma, PTSD and mental health. However we are hoping in time that we will be able to offer this so please watch this space!!)

Our Equine Therapeutic sessions will all be non ridden sessions. They will include time spent with the horses on the yard or in the stable, grooming sessions as well as time spent handling the pony in the arena….finding ways to get through certain tasks and obstacles together.

These sessions are proven to help with anxiety and mental wellbeing, which is much needed in this ever changing world we seem to find ourselves in.